Laser skin rejuvenation with Nd:YAG laser

The will for younger shinier and prettier skin is typical for every woman regardless age and occupation. At our 30s and sometimes earlier looking in the mirror reflection many women panic from the first wrinkles on their face. Therefore, the specialists advice – don’t wait irreversible changes to occur, take an early care of it.

Why does the skin age?

The skin aging is a result of the change of the form and function of the dermal capillaries, which lead to violation of interchange and trophic process. As a result the activity of the connecting tissue’s cells is decreased, along with the collagen fibers solidity etc.

What is the laser rejuvenation procedure?

Applying infrared emission of Nd:YAG laser at certain parameters of the laser ray leads to photochemical reaction in these blood vessels. During this reaction the light energy is transformed into heat. Exactly the dermal heating stimulates the interchanging and regenerating process, the fibroblastic activity responsible for the new collagen production.

What result is to be expected after laser rejuvenation of the skin?

This procedure gains visible refreshment of the facial skin, along with the neck, lower neck, improves the turgor and elasticity. Smoothing of the thinnest wrinkles is visible, reduction of the enlarged pores and the diffuse redness of the skin.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

This procedure is suitable as for women and for men of all skin types with the first aging marks.

How should the skin be prepared before the procedure?

Before treating with Nd:YAG laser the skin should be cleaned extremely well with soft cosmetic means.

What is the feeling like during the laser rejuvenation procedure?

During the laser procedure the client feels pleasant warming of the skin without any pain. This makes it extremely comfort and relaxing. No local anesthetic is necessary. In the end of the procedure the skin is warm, with a typical pinkish colour visible for about 10-20 minutes.

Is it necessary to use any cosmetic means after the procedure?

The laser treated skin does not need any special care. The client may use the usual cosmetic means. It is recommended that a sunprotecting product is used.

How many procedures are to be done for reaching the desired effect?

For visible results a course of several procedures is obligatory (usually 5-6) procedures) in an interval of two to three weeks.

When should we expect the result from the laser rejuvenation procedure?

The final result of the laser rejuvenation procedures is seen in 2-3 months after the end of the treatment course.The results are individual and depend on patient’s age, the skin specific, way of life etc. After the end of the course sustaining procedures are recommended.

What is the duration of a single procedure?

One facial procedure continues approximately 30 minutes.

Are there any occasions when the procedure should be avoided?

There are absolutely no contra-indications to the therapy, but still the procedures are not recommended in case of pregnancy, in the presence of rough wrinkles or creases for which the course would be evidently ineffective. It is also desirable the procedures to be avoided when a herpes or other dermal infections are visible in the zone of treatment, malignant dermal formations, epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

In which occasions this type of procedures could be of any help?

This procedure is extremely suitable for problem, acne prone skin due to the mighty anti-inflammatory action of the laser ray. Soothing of the phlogistic lesions is achieved, the fat secretion is regulated, and the local immunity of the skin is increased.
Other attestation of this type of procedure is the diffuse redness of skin of the face and the rasacea condition in initial phase.

Лазерно подмладяване на кожата с Nd:YAG лазер

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